Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Saizeriya Itailian Cafe'

A few days ago (on Sunday i think) we got out of the house, even though i was not up to it at all.
I am still trying to get used to these Allergy Meds (3).

We went to LIVIN (like Walmart... but priced higher than Target IMO)... and went shopping for curtins. We REALLY needed some.
It's been 5 months w/ no curtins.

After a few hours shopping for curtins we were ready for some dinner!

Tiffany from ADD Crafter in Japan told me this place, and i wanna say it's my new favorite!
Good Call Tiffany!
We all ate good, including soups and salads and such... with our meal. Also we all had a drink bar/coffee bar and Ethan had a beer... and we all had Dessert too! All for under 50$~ that's pretty much Amazing here in Japan. I think it was 4900Y actually.

our table---> Ethan had a pasta bowl and a gratin for dinner, soup and salad, not pictured.

my dessert. a coffee jello w/ milk gelato w/ cream to pour on top. i also had a coffee from the coffee bar. :)

Ethan and Olivia chose a truffle ice cream. it was dusted w/ cocoa powder. it was ice cream in a muffin cup!

Evan choose chocolate cake... and it was gone before i got a picture. haha

These few photo's you can click and actually make them BIGGER... so you can see the items on the menu & the prices.

:) Enjoy!!


SabrinaT said...

I love that place. I get the rice with pasta sauce and white sauce. The coffee bar is amazing....