Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mid-Week Fun with the Kids

A few days ago I decided that it would be fun/enjoyable to get off base with the kids after school.
We don't normally go/do anything other than our routine, on the weekdays.
AU (our Japanese cell provider) & I have been having some issues so, this was a dual trip.
I don't generally drive when it comes to errands off base (as most of you know)... so of course we took the train.
Olivia is 7 now, ... so it's not as cheap... but it's still very enjoyable and fun. When both kids go with me, no matter how old, we have to pay for a child ticket, (70Y one way to Yokosuaka).
One Child Rides Free Per Adult Under 7 is a rule of thumb.

Here we are @ Kanazawa-Hakkei waiting on the train for Yokosuka-Chuo station.
Evan, before we left home... drew a map... so we knew where we were going.

This is AU (for you American friends/family back home), it's located in a outdoor shopping area.
This is where i have to go when i have a problem.

While we were waiting to be seen we saw this odd 'pet'. This gentlemen was also waiting, and ... wow... that animal was so funny... and it was also Yuck to me (as it pee'd everywhere! yuck!).... KIDS... don't touch, just look!

What is it?? Anyone know?
All i know is it kept the kids happy and busy, watching... while we waited to be seen.

After we were done with AU it was time for some 'fun'.
We walked down Blue Street, Ate some Yakitori and then went 100Y Shopping.
Then, before we went home... Vie De France Bakery!!!

Quaint Japanese Side Street to our Fav 70 Yen Yakitori Stand.

Rule? Pick a number, and stash all sticks in that one 'can'. Eat and Enjoy!
The kids ate 12 sticks i think... and Enjoyed themselves a lot!
Of course their fav is chicken balls (like meat balls) and plain chicken.
(They have other choices too... like Chicken Skin and Liver, but... um ... no thanks!)

This is the kids... going up to the 4th floor 100Y Shop.

We thought... maybe we would see Daddy walking home, as this is his route to the train station.
(and it was the correct time frame)
But,... nope!
The kids did have fun waiting for Daddy... watching these fish outside this store.
We must have stood there for 15+ minutes.

One of my Favorite things about Japan... French Bakery's! MMMM
I let the kids pick anything they wanted.
One each of course!

Next? Hachiman Shrine ...


HannFamily said...

I think that animal is a meerkat. Cut little thing but I don't think I would have let my kids touch it either!! LOL Hey have you gotten the box yet?

Navy Chief Family said...

I love your adventures and can't wait to come up there. Will I need a car? lol That animal looks like a merecat to me...ever see the series on animal planet? Love that bakery too...We have a bakery here and the baker/owner learned his stuff in France as he travels there often...he has the most delicious cheese loaf.850y for one loaf but oh it's so worth it...

cricketspaw said...

meerkat or baby raccon dog/tenuki??I love the pics and it looks like your kids are having fun - and having the adventures and experiences of a lifetime in Japan! I love your positive, fun outlook on things. :)

Alisa said...

Hi Jasmine!
Thanks for your Comment! :) We miss you...
And ... yes, i think you are correct... Meerkat! How odd/neat huh?
Yes, i did get the box... THANK YOU... and i sent you and e-mail. ;) ((HUGS))

Alisa said...

Hey Jennifer! :)
I cant wait until you come up here too! We can finally meet in person!
I cant believe how we 1st met... then Re-met via Blog world... then... now you will be here in Yokosuka soon (Fingers crossed)... :) Small world!
UM, Car? IMO... we only need a car for trips to and from the base w/ food/NEX items.
Other than that? Nope! We dont use the car... we Train It! :)
You know... I remember Eating at the SAME bakery in Sasebo! DELISH... and one of the million things i missed when living in VA.
I will have to try the cheese loaf! Sounds Delish! :)

Tiffany said...

OMG! Don't let my kids see that they too could get a meerkat for a pet. They would never stop begging me for one! They love Meerkat Manor on animal planet.