Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring!

(photo: found here)

Today is the 1st day of Spring!!!
I am not quite ready for it, as we have not really had a Winter.
Oh Well! It's HERE! :)

Today is also when the Japanese Celebrate Spring! Actually its Vernal Equinox Day or Shunbun no Hi.
Basically, Today's Day and Night will be in Equal Length. (Hey, that's ok with me!)

I don't recall us doing anything Really Special while living in America for the 1st day of Spring. But, here in Japan its a National Holiday. It's a day to show respect, love and 'be one' with nature.
Along with having the day off (the Japanese, not us), and doing something special to show your love for nature, and plants... the Japanese also visit the graves of their family members and clean & offer flowers. Its also customary bring/lite incense to console ancestral spirits.
(I used Google/Kids Web Japan for my sources, and my good friends blog Our Unique Life ,as inspiration for this blog.)

So, today we woke up to 60 degree weather, (with a low forecasted to be about 40) and Rain! Actually its probably going to rain all day, because of it's a 8o% chance. I am A-OK with Rain today, as long as the forecast for the weekend stays a low of 20%! :)
I can not wait to get out on Saturday & Sunday, so i am 100% ok with NO Rain! :)

BUT, for today... the 1st day of spring... we will do something special! I am thinking a bit of 'Spring Cleaning' is in order for Me, while the kids are @ school.
For the kids?
I think we will make Cookies, in the shape of pretty flowers.
Olivia gets out of school early today, Evan has a full day.
I think her and I will prep things for the Cookies, while Evan is at school.
It's a Bit Rainy today, so we wont be doing much outdoors, but this weekend we will!
It's forecasted that the Cherry Blossoms will Start Blooming this weekend...(actually they already started blooming a Little) so we will be out enjoying the Beautiful Flowers of the the season.
I do believe, if the weather stays on track, we will be in for a Full Bloom within the Next 2 weekends! :) I can not wait to take my own photo's in Kamakura!

(photo: found here)

Happy 1st Day of Spring!


Slime said...

I have a full itinerary of hanami, since it's also Spring Break, we'll be heading someplace different every day! Woo hoo! I just added Kamakura to the list! I *love* that picture! Be sure to post yours when you take some!