Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Back in January I was invited to eat at a 100Yen Sushi Go Round in Uraga. (thanks Tammy!)
She drove, and it was really FUN!
About 1 week ago (maybe more) I suggested to Tammy that we try and take the train to Uraga & find that same Sushi Place.
So we did! :) Ethan joined us. It was fun and new to take the train to Uraga and see new sites on the way.
In this photo, we are @ Yokosuka-chuo Station waiting for a Train to Uraga.

We took the train, and the line Ended in Urage (Similar to Shin-Zushi's Station).

As soon as you exit the Uraga Station, walk across the street, and head down a small 'shopping' street. Your only walking about 1~2 blocks, and you will reach a 2 story building with a drug store on the 1st floor. There is Parking Provided, Pay by the hour. You cant miss it.
Walk up the Outdoor Stairs, to the 2nd floor, and you are @ 100Y Sushi in Uraga.

They have Booths & Bar stools.

Here are a few pictures of the food we enjoyed.
If you prefer, you can order off of the menu, and have it come around on the belt w/ your table name on the plate. It's the Same price, usually. Some items like Salad & Desserts are more, about 250Y... but you will know this, no worries.
They have Free Green Tea provided, and for 100Y you can get a small soda.

The following sequence of photo's is of Ethan unwrapping/making/eating a "Roll" that we ordered. All 3 of us had one, and i will say it was delish, and i will be getting more of those next time. The Seaweed was left for the individual to wrap around, so it's Fresh as possible. And, WOW! good choice! Mmmmmm

After rolled....... EAT!
It was VERY Good! :)

Shrimp w/ Soy sauce

More photo's of the other items we tried...

Here comes Dessert! See the "bowls" they are riding in? They have the Name/Color of our table on the side. When you special order, this is how it will be delivered to your table.

Now, as we were leaving, ... we saw this. It is Eggplant. It's Pickled.
It's Flavored like Wasabi... and NO! We did not try it. WOW... i am not THAT Adventurous! LOL

I hope you enjoyed the photo's!


Where's the Fork said...

See, pickled eggplant sounds good to me, but raw on rice, not so much.

SabrinaT said...

That looks good!

Alisa said...

I could probably do the picked eggplant, but NOT cold & wasabi flavored! LOL!

Alisa said...

Have you been there Sabrina?