Friday, August 1, 2008

Our Summer Vacation [beach days 1 & 2]

Sorry for the 1st 2 attempt's. It's working now! :) Enjoy the pictures of 1st few days of our trip.

Our 1st travel day, Rest Stop #1.

DuBois Park, 1st day at the beach. We had such a Good Time, thank you Daddy & Molly!!!

Daddy & Olivia, Having fun.

Can you see the Spotted Ray? Yup! He was having a Swim in the Inlet. That day we also saw a Huge 9 foot + Ray in the Actual Ocean... (just a 5 minute walk across the road). It was Amazing! He came into Shore Very Close. Someone Actually thought it was a Shark, and screamed SHARK... and everyone ran, like in JAWS. Actually i thought it was a shark or dolphin for a Moment, because it swam w/ a fin turned upward. It looked like a shark fin. Very Cool. (No i did not yell shark, haha!)

My Dad, Grandpa Brown

Evan, trying his 1st 'drink'... just kidding! Lime Kool-Aid. :)

Banana Picking with Grand-mama.

Grand-mama & Diana trying to figure out a juice box... haha. It was a funny moment!

Olivia at Carlin Park, Jupiter Florida. (2nd beach day)

Evan and Grandpa Brown, he cant wait for the water! (doing a bit of a pout!)

Evan, looking like a cutie-pie.

Ethan & Uncle Ed, Enjoying a moment of relaxation.

Thank you again Aunt Jackie & Uncle Ed for coming to the beach!

Grass boarding. Water PLEASE!

Evan, just worn out, and tired from all the swimming and waves.

Aunt Jackie (Well, I guess Great Aunt Jackie! ;)) with Olivia. Heading to the water, finally!

At Carlin Park the picnic areas are on the parking side, with grills & you have to walk down wooden board-walk like stairs and then through the sand... and your at the water. The kids had to wait that day, but they had a great time swimming when we went down to the water. We did the back and forth thing a few times. It was just So Beautiful, and we wish Virginia water was as beautiful!