Saturday, August 9, 2008

Less than 2 months

Ok, so we have less than 2 months to go. Actually i think the ticker says something like 7 weeks. :) Here is a bit of an update on how things are going.

Medical & Dental Screenings? Done!
Passports? Done!
Household goods paperwork? Done!
Reservations at Hotel in Japan? Done!

What were waiting on?
Dependant Entry Approval. The request has been sent, just waiting for a reply.
Actual Confirmed Dates for HHG Shipments? should be confirmed Monday 8/11/08
Airline arrangements.

I have already called and have info on moving out of our house, and terminating the services we receive. It's all pretty easy, yet lots of paperwork.

I have included a few photos... some random pictures of what we are looking forward to doing in Japan.






Tiffany said...

The food is GREAT (as you know being in Sasebo), I love living near Tokyo and you'll have access to so much on the main island!
Good luck on the move!