Friday, August 29, 2008

5 weeks and counting

Today makes 5 weeks until we leave the US of A.

As i am excited, i am equally worried. I have never made this type of move with 2 kids. It seams so much more complicated moving TO JAPAN with 2 kids vs moving FROM JAPAN with 1. Although i generally know what to expect, there are still so many unknowns.

Right now the things that are worrying me the most about are:
~Housing. We don't yet know where or when we will be in a house. We don't yet know if we will live off base or on base. I have 'given this to the Lord'... and trust that he will make the best choice available.
~Car. We wont be bring ours, because of all the 'fine print'... so we have to get a new one.
~Living out of a Hotel. With Olivia in school it's going to be a challenge.
~Living out of a suitcase. I wont have many choices in shopping for clothing, so... i need to make sure we have what we need with us (At least for Ethan and I as we are both WAY 2 tall to shop off base ... Him being 6 foot 4 and me 5 foot 8.5.........).

Onto the Holiday weekend... We will be making the trip to see Meemaw & Peepaw (Savannah too). :) This trip is a very easy one, and one we will miss.
With them living only 4 hours away, it was always nice to know they were close, and we could see them anytime.
This we will miss...... Hands Down.
So,... we will go and visit until Monday... then head back and School starts Tuesday!
No big plans, just a nice family visit.

I have added some pic's, just because it's nice to add photos... :) Enjoy!


Gina said...

Please, do *NOT* worry for anything okay! If you need any information. Need helping reading anything or anything at all. Let me know. As for shopping. I even know about where to find normal sized clothes for us gals here in Japan. Food don't worry about at all, because there's about 5 different ways to get American food.

The housing you guys will find a good one. At least you guys are open to living either on base or off base, so that's good.

I know it is hard not to worry. But this time you are going with plenty of back up. Friends who already live here.

You will be able to get things from the base and also the secret ways us gaijin living in Japan with Japanese spouses get stuff. So you can get things both ways. You will be doubly lucky. And like I said, I will be here if you need it.