Friday, August 1, 2008

Our Summer Vacation [Miami Metro Zoo, Miami Florida]

Let me start this post with how this day went.
As a group (Our Family, My Mom, My Dad & Molly and Cousin Thomas) we decided to take a day trip to Miami Metro Zoo. We thought it to be a good idea to take the Tri-Rail Train so we could all travel together. Evan loves trains, so this was a good plan.
We left the Train Station 8 am on Sunday morning. We planned for a 2 hour train ride and a 20 minute "Zoo bus" ride. We thought we would be at the zoo about 10:30 ish. Perfect!
Well, the website we visited gave some False information, and we ended up taking a 2 hour Tri-Rail ride, a 1 hour Down-town Miami Metro Ride (now, that was an experience) and a 30 minute CITY bus ride... that they call... 'the zoo bus'........ ha ha ha (not)!
All in All, we got to the zoo about 12 noon ish... because of some "Transfer between Rail/Rail/Bus".
It was one of the hottest days EVER (as you will see from a few of the pictures...).
We met my Step-Father Tommy and his New Wife Carolina (who live in Miami/Key-West). It was a Crazy, Fun, Eventful, Tasty (shorty's bbq)... and HOT Day!!
Enjoy the photos!

8 am, waiting to board the Tri-Rail

Daddy, Ethan, Evan and Grand-ma Molly

Grand-mama, Olivia & Thomas (Cousin)
Grand-pa Brown & Evan... having a blast looking out the windows.
Evan, telling Olivia how it is. :)
Olivia, being just plain Adorable! See her Hello Kitty Purse? That was mine, as a child... from Okinawa, Japan (when i lived there).

Dino Dig... if you thought Olivia was a Girly Girl 100% of the time, Proof she is not! :) She is only Girly Girl 90% of the time, :).
Take a look at that Crazy looking Bear!
It's so hot, Evan almost took a dip in the waterfall ... with Ethan :).
Evan! Where are you going???? :) He is Crazy!
OK, this was the EVENT of the day. Meet Diego in the Gift Shop. Well... the Directions on how to Reach the Correct location was Screw-y... and "we" (us 4) went on a Major Diego Hunt... 30 minutes later, lots of running, and just plain HOT... (see the kids?)....... we got to meet him, with 5 minutes to spare.
Hey, ... what we do for our children, right?

A reptile Visit before we head out for the day.

Olivia & Evan, at their best.
The Bus ride back to the Train Station... here we go........ a Even longer trip home. :(
Ethan Sleeping, with both kids to the right, sleeping too.

Waiting at the Tri-Rail Station, after our 1 hour ride on the Miami Metro Rail.
We had to wait for the Tri-Rail Train... for what seamed like FOREVER... at least an hour. We got snacks, and just hung out watching the other trains coming through. This Wait is what made the trip so much longer than the 1st trip.
Olivia, talking to Grand-mama & Grandma Molly
Evan and Daddy... looking for Trains
My Dad, he opened one of the only available windows for opening,.. we got to listen to some Major Train whistles. Hey, he needed the Wind i think..... can we say Car sickness? Although i did not enjoy the Noise... he was happy... and this is the only thing that matters! :)
Ethan with a Sleepy Evan, and Grand-mama with a Super Tired Olivia.

More photo's to come... this was just the 1st 4.5 of our trip. (so far... Drive Wednesday night~Thursday All Day... 2 days at the beach and one day at the Zoo)...