Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're Roll'n Along.........

With only One Month, One Week and One Day until our journey begins, things are roll'n along.
Yesterday Ethan accomplished so much! I was impressed.
*After a short day at work he went to the Personal Property Office and Finalized our 'Car Paperwork'. We have decided to put the car in Storage, at the Navy's Expense.
*After the Car Stuff, he headed over to give our Notice to Vacate. :) (30 days prior). So, there is No Turning Back Now. He put in some other paperwork for the house, and we are all set to move.
*While at the Housing Place he requested our Move Out Inspection be THIS THURSDAY! So, Tomorrow i will have a person looking around the house, (clean up time!)
*While he was on a roll he called the "Flight People" and got them working on our Flights. We should know by Friday/Tuesday *What day *What time *Where we will be stopping.
These things i wont post on the Blog, so if you wanna know ... e-mail me! :)

What Else What Else...
Our Express Shipment is coming along. I think I am almost done. After Chatting with a few ladies who live in the part of Japan I will be moving to... I have decided to Pack (in our suitcases) the Fall/Winter Clothing. I think it's to risky to possibly live out of our suitcases for over a month, and Not have those type of clothing choices. (All of October). One of the Weather sites, with a History says the Average in October is 64 degree's... i don't think SOME fall clothing will do.
~sigh~ This will make for some Heavy/Extra Luggage,... oh well! Better to be safe than sorry, right?
On another note:
Last night we decided to go the Mall. I needed to return a shirt I bought for Olivia @ the Disney Store (one of my Favorite Stores). It was a 7/8, but to small. Weird! I also needed to make an online Old Navy Return. While we are out and about ... we decided to eat out. Now, we have been trying to make wise choices. We know we don't have many more Stateside Dinner's out.
We decided to eat @ UNO's. OMG...... we have only eat'n there a FEW times, and last night? It could not have been better. The wait staff was good, the kids were good, the food? Excellent! We even tried a Mini Dessert. Ethan and I shared. Of course we gave the kids a bite, but mostly it was for us, as we Never get dessert. I got a Mediterranean Salad... Mmmmmm Ethan got a Peanut Chicken Flat bread. Mmmmm All i have to say? If your wondering where to go for dinner?? UNO's! It was FAB

(If you don't know me well... you should know i am The PICKIEST Food/Dinning Critic, Especially When i am Paying for the food...)