Monday, August 18, 2008

The Start of a New Week

So, 2 weeks until school starts here in Virginia.
Olivia, truthfully is not that excited about the whole thing. For Pre-K and Kinder she was just so excited she could not contain herself. This year is different. I sat down and had a chat with her about it, and she is convinced that in 1st grade there are No Fun Things To Do, That you have to Write All Day Long and it's "Not fun".
I know she was talking to a little boy named Cody last school year, and he has convinced her about all this ... for over 6 months. I am trying lots of things to get her siked about school.
Just keep her in your thoughts over the next few weeks Please.

Oh, and she has mentioned that we will be moving, and she would rather just start school in Japan, where her *new* School is. She does not want to start school here and move 3~4 weeks into the school year. I don't blame her, i would feel a bit apprehensive too.
We went school shopping this weekend. I think that helped. Keep your eye out for some School Fashion Show Pictures Soon. :)
(She always likes to do a "show" with her New Clothes).