Thursday, August 21, 2008

6 week Countdown + Family Entry Approval

Yesterday was exactly 6 weeks until we move!
The Family Entry Approval finally arrived!
This piece of paper is the very last piece of paper that Finalizes our move to Japan. We now can go over and book our flights. We are on our way!
I am Excited, Relieved and Ecstatic that we have this Valuable piece of paper, Exactly 6 weeks before we Move!

For all you Non-Military wondering what this piece of paper does... here I will tell you.

Family Entry Approval (FEA) request must be processed as soon the member and their family members are found suitable for overseas assignment. (After the medical/dental and in some cases financial screenings are completed and passed.)

The Family Entry Approval is required by the Personal Property Shipment Office to ship household goods (HHG), Arrange Flights (NAVPTO), Additionally, FEA is required to enroll children in DODDS school, and to apply for government housing (quarters).

Also you need the FEA to receive COLA (Cost of living allowance, -the Extra $ you receive for living overseas.)

Now all there is left to do is Book Our Flights. :)