Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our Summer Vacation Continues [KY + Camping at the Cabin]

Camping in KY. :) Enjoy

Ethan and the kids shooting the BB Gun. The Cabin is outside the city limits, so this is A-ok, and a Favorite past time for Ethan.

Teaching Olivia...
Olivia checking out her shots.

Here are a few cute shots of the kids, below ... my Favorite of Evan.
Olivia,... look at her facial expression!
Evan, I can just see him being a Pro-Soccer player in this pose! He is a crazy boy.

Here are a Few shots of Olivia with her cousin's Caitlyn (10)& Ariel(6, 2 weeks older than Olivia) Ethan's Sister Brenda's children
Olivia & Ariel, Tent Play time.
The 3 girls. I think they had such a great time!
2 pea's in a pod :)

Because we Camped out on the Property, we had Few Comfort's of home. This IS Camping of course. LOL One day the kids were just Hot and Tired... and just needed some TV... This was "grandmas fix"... the hurricane TV... LMAO!!!

Art time with Grandma. Grandma had TONS of Awesome Art Projects... the kids just had the best time painting Every piece of Scrap wood!

Sand Art... Thanks Aunt Joyce! They had such a good time!
Treasure Hunting in the yard. Ethan & Grandpa threw some extra coins in the yard, and the kids (Evan the most) had a great time "Treasure Hunting".

Ariel & Evan, Just Chill'n ... the last campfire.
Ethan and Olivia, Relaxing... last campfire.