Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our Summer Vacation [Last night in FL + Travel to KY]

On Monday we hung around, and recuperated from the Miami Zoo trip and the 2 days worth of sunburn's at the beach, haha!
We did a bit of shopping, and hanging out at Grand mama's work.
Later Monday night we went to dinner at Scooners Seafood Restaurant with Daddy, Molly, Grand-mama & Thomas.
The food was great, but i don't think my tummy liked it very much, as i was up @ 4 am... not feeling well. Yes, this is the day we were to leave for a 2 day drive from South Florida to Northern Kentucky. Yuck!
We left later than we wanted, but everything worked out. 2 days later ... Wednesday night we arrived in Kentucky.
And that concludes week #1. :) Enjoy the pictures!

Olivia, Thomas & Evan @ Scooners in Jupiter Florida.
Good Bye Grandpa Brown & Grandma Molly , Thomas too.

Olivia & Thomas REALLY got along great, thanks Thomas!

Good bye Grand-mama
The kids, all packed up for the drive to KY.
Good bye Grand mama
Ethan... taking a rest... not smoking, hahahaha! (we dont smoke)

Chill'n at one of the many rest stops.

We saw this in GA, and i just thought it looked interesting. Kind of 1930's... to me! ;) Neat-o!
Welcome home Ethan! Goodness, 2 days later... were in KY! Who-hoooo!