Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bits from the Weekend

Remember, if you want the photos to be bigger, just Click them! ;) (Ok Mom?? Love ya!)

This weekend we had a nice time with Meemaw & Peepaw stopping through. I regret we got no pictures. :( I don't know what happened!
I did get some random pictures of our weekend happenings.

Here is a picture our Morning Glory's... Can you see a big bumble bee inside?
I cant believe it got that picture, NEAT!

The kids in front of our favorite family restaurant.
Because we are moving we decided to hit up our favorite eateries.
The kids helped choose, as this place is Olivia's MOST favorite place to eat.
She always wants to 1. pick a Lobster out of the tank or 2. choose Crab Legs. This time?? Crab Legs. ;) Evan had Crab legs too... Me too... haha. We all enjoyed ourselves.

Here is a Quick Shot of Olivia playing Ethan's PDA. We had no power from 7 am~5 pm on Saturday. :( They had to do some utilities work done. Anyways, Olivia Just loves playing with Daddys PDA (games) or his PSP.
(She does not know ... we are getting her a Nintendo DS ... :):) We are thinking it would be perfect for our trip!)
Evan,... he is Always My kitchen helper. We baked some cookies the night Before the power outage. Mmmmmm Oatmeal & Chocolate! Mmmmmm
Oh! And here is Olivia's 8th tooth just about to fall out.
She was very brave. Usually she is NOT a Fan of Blood... AT ALL. She almost Fainted when Evan had a busted lip a few months ago.
Anyways, she was Not afraid... and did not freak out.
Lastly we had some CRAZY Weather the other day,... here are just a few shots of the Clouds.
The 'front' was just amazing!


Gina said...

I agree with Olivia, that is one of my favorite restaurants too! I like when they have the shrimp trio. And I also love the garlic and cheese biscuits. Okay, I am a big nerd, sorry! : )

Very cool of you guys to buy her a Nintendo DS! : )

Tiffany said...

BTW.. there is a Red Lobster just outside of Yokosuka's gate, turn left and head down 16 and it's right ontop of a KFC. Yes, I wrote on top of...
Don't expect any cheddar bay biscuits though!
Thanks for the comment. =)