Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gone Swimming [YMCA, VA]

Yesterday i took the kids to the YMCA. We have been in the house for a few days, and needed to expel some unused energy.
One of the things i am going to miss about moving to Japan is our Wonderful Indoor Pool at the "Y". It's just so family friendly, and enjoyable.

Olivia & Evan, So Happy to be at the Y.

Happy Dance... :)
Nerdy Olivia
Such a Cute Olivia
Evan trying to swim
I'm ready... haha... :)

Snorkel time (thanks Daddy & Molly for the Snorkels and Masks!)
I'm Strong, Evan says
Ahhhhhhh, this is the life... :)
[Ethan & I just love Onsen's. Olivia went to Onsen when we lived in Japan. We just love the Hot Tub at the Y after a good swim. I know our family will enjoy Onsen when we arrive in Japan... Cant Wait!