Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finally our Pepper plants are fruiting beautifully!

Finally our Pepper plants are fruiting beautifully.
We thought we had a Green Pepper plant, but it turns out its a Yellow Pepper Plant. ;)
We also got our 1st Red Pepper.
I wish we had some good ideas, other than Salsa for our Hot Pepper Plant ..... It's Fruiting like Crazy! (I picked 2 today, but we have about 10 MORE ....haha)

Our Tomato Plant has not been fruiting good, but we have some Green Tomatoes that should be ready before we move (give it away)...

I can not wait to start a New more extensive garden next year. :)


Tiffany said...

It has been unseasonably cool since Friday. We've had a rain system sitting on top of us and it brought the first day of school a rainy, 76 degree day. Of course the week before we were at the mid 90's. This is abnormal. Her first day of school last year she wore corderoy crops and was sweating. She made the comment to me of "I'm never wearing corderoy the first day of school again."