Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our Summer Vacation [KY + Camping at the Cabin]

Here are a few pictures from the Camping... Kelley's Visit and some campfire/fireworks pic's... enjoy!
Evan, 1st camping trip. He did so well... no problems going to sleep or anything, what a champ!

Olivia, again... no problems. She loved ... except the bugs!
Tent-ville... Welcome Kelley + Family. Thank you sooooo much for coming to hang out! We Enjoyed your visit so much! (our Tent, Caitlyn & Ariel's Tent & Kelley's Family Tent)
Kelley & Baby #3 Hayden (6 months old)... Carrissa (Kelley's sitter) and Sawyer, son #2... (23 months old)
Sawyer & Caityln
Evan and Rj, Kelley's son #1... this month he will be 4!!! what a big boy! Adorable too!
They both had SUCH a good time with this make shift catapult toy.
Grandpa, we will take an order for Christmas! ;)
Rj & Evan, this picture means so much.
Kelley is my Aunt, and she is Younger than me by Just under 2 years. We grew up like Sisters, and now we have sons... 6 months apart. What a wonderful picture!
Beautiful Kelley!
Roy, Rj, Evan & Ethan... Campfire fun!
Olivia, getting the fire started for the dessert, Blueberry cake/cobbler
Ethan, cooking the cake/cobbler
Firework time! ;) We had so many of these type, i will just insert one picture. We did Fireworks almost Every night.
Ethan......... Finally Smiling. Being in the NAVY takes so much out of him, he works so hard, and does such a Great Pride in what he does. Sometimes he looses that smile.
FYI:.... i can NEVER get a true smile from him. Usually he makes a Funny face, and i catch that. This shot he is laughing with his sister Brenda, and i "snuck" this picture. Amazing!