Monday, August 4, 2008

Our Summer Plans [Newport Aquarium, KY]

Ethan & his Brother Dwight with Olivia & Evan at the entrance.

The view, We are in KY... but just across the river is Cincinnati OH.
[don't you love the Do Not Sit/Stand warning we did not realize was there??? LOL]
What a great shot anyways! Olivia...
Evan... Great Shot! :)
OMG... Olivia actually touching? This is Amazing! She is Never into touching sea animals at the Aquarium.
Evan, having a great time with Uncle Dwight!

I just loved this one! So bright and colorful!
Lets walk on top of Croc's! eeeek!
Uncle Dwight & Aunt Michele, Thanks for a Great day... we only wish we had more days to spend together.
Just a Cool Picture of Covington KY.


Kassia said...

Well hi there alisa! Thanks so much for commenting on (and stopping by) our blog! I see you're on your way to Japan just as we're on our way to VA! Life is funny sometimes, isn't it? We're quite a ways from Yokosuka, but I've heard great things... I have a good friend who just PCS'd from there about 6 months ago (she's linked as Big T and Little D on my blog). You will LOVE Japan though! LOVE it! Good luck!