Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Bit of Cooking

Today i got the itch to do some cooking and baking. I had a lot of fun.
The family did enjoy themselves.
These are the sticky buns i made this morning. It was my 1st time.
One i made in the metal pan (those came out more crisp) and the the rest on my stone. BOTH were cooked Perfectly... just one was darker on the outside.
They were SOOOooo good. Ethan was just Raving, and Oooohing. :)

The Recipe
I used the Same Day Method... and did not add Cinnamon but instead used Walnuts...
Then i topped with Vanilla (cake) Icing. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Just a little bit on the top... it melts, and it HEAVEN!
A perfect Sticky Nut-y Bun!

I made homemade pizza (including the dough) and Olivia got a special Heart Shaped Pizza! How Adorable! I cant believe it turned out so well.

And last night i made Peanut Brittle. It took 2 'oops' batches before i got it right... it's soooooooo good! I am sure glad i tried that recipe! It's Delish!

Of course i still have pie's to make ... and a few other things for Christmas Feast on Thursday. I am Trying to be festive and ... bake and Enjoy these holidays.

The kids seam to Really Enjoy all the cooking! :) Ethan too.