Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mid-week Update

So, today is Wednesday, and a Rainy one at that!
It's about 45~50 degree's out and yucky out. A Definite Umbrella day!

I have been feeling a bit sick [sore throat] and sore these past 2 days. So today i took Olivia to school a bit late and Evan went right on time. (both about 9 am).
I took some Strong Med's and after both kiddo's were dry & warm inside school i headed out for the day.
I have not gone out alone YET! I always go with a friend... we try and make trips to the base together to save $$ on gas/tolls... or just plain ole' hanging out.
Today i Needed to go out and no one else needed to [in the rain].

I walked to the Jimmuji Station from where i parked and got on headed for Shiori Station. I had some Daiei Shopping. I needed to find something for Olivia's Teacher and ... a few more things for the kids [from Santa].
I did indeed find the perfect card and gift [imo] for Olivia's Teacher and i hope she enjoys it!
For the kids?
I spent about 1/2 my time in the clothing department.
I ended up finding Olivia a Darling Outfit! And Evan ... he got a Cute Shirt. (not sure about pants with him off base just yet.)
I also found some CUTE Sock's and Under-roo's too! :) (We always got some nice Socks and Under's for Christmas! ;) )
While i was in the Toy Section i browsed and browsed and browsed some more. I was having a hard time with Evan's Santa gift this year. He asked for something Very Specific... and it's hard... because there are quite a few ways/choices to go about it. So i had trouble deciding Which one to get. It took a while, but i finally made a decision.
I picked up a few other things... but i had to rush outta there because today is a Early day for the Olivia and i wanted to make sure i got home in time.

So i left about 9:30 am on the train and it takes me about 45 minutes to take the train to the base area. Today though... it ran a bit differently and i made it to the 'mall' at about 10:05!!
I went directly for a Coffee and had a 10 minute sit down... then it was off for shopping.
I shopped till about 12:30 [on the nose] and BOOKED it to the station... (i did not want to be late... and i always leave myself 1 hour to get back.)
All in all... the trains were running Well today (as they always are... haha)! And i caught all the connection's quickly... and was back in Ikego about 1:05 pm. I got everything situated in the car and headed to get Olivia at 1:15 pm.

It was a Enjoyable day along... which is very rare... but i had a lot of fun!

For the rest of the week??
Nothing planned except School for both kids until Friday.
Then it's Winter Break! YEA!!! I am very excited! This means lots of relaxing and sleeping in!
Cooking making, present wrapping... and good family time!
Ethan also starts his Holiday time off on Friday for about 10 days.

On Saturday Evening Ethan and i will have a Date night, and we never do that... so i am Excited! I do think that it might turn into a Shopping Excursion... haha... It will be the last time without the kids before Christmas day!
I hope to have some time alone ... and a bit of fun. :)

We are thinking to take the train to Yakota or Yakota Area on Sunday... but we have not worked out all the details or directions. I hope we can fit in some Fun Home-made trips into our Christmas Vacation.

I am really missing the American Mall's and all the "Last minute deals" of the Disney Store... and Build a Bear... Oh and i am thinking of Target and Toys R Us... (although we do have that store here).
The prices and selection here in Yokosuka ... it's SLIM! We have VERY Little in the way of toys and things.
So, i have gone off base for LOTS of my Christmas Shopping this year... but it's very expensive!
For the past few years i have been trying to Scale back my shopping... because i can get out of control! (haha)... but it seams like living in Japan might be the trick! It's hard to go overboard when there is no "buy one get ones"<--- (DISNEY) and very little selection.

All in All? We are very happy to be settling in and getting in the grove of living overseas again.
We miss our family and friends TERRIBLY... but this Japan Live is a Temporary one, and ... one we may never have again. So, we are trying to make the best of it... and enjoy every moment.

Olivia seams to be growing before our very eyes. She is not only getting bigger... but Older in a way. She is changing everyday. She is Learning so MUCH from school (Her reading is just Blossoming...) and she is into things like Music and Science now!
Evan is just being Evan! He is really learning a lot from going to school 3 days a week. He is also opening himself to Art! He has brought home a few pages these past 2 weeks... and he is proud! I am too, as he is usually not into Art.
He is no longer having issues with his Clothing!!! YEA!!!! Well, i would not call it Issues... He just always wanted to pick his own clothing and would not wear anything 'baby' for a LONG TIME! He has been into having it his way or the highway for about 18 months ... but NOW??? He is having No Problems Wearing anything i buy... and NOTHING is 'baby' anymore!

They are both growing so fast in size too!
Olivia is now a size 7 in jeans and a 7/8 in dresses. (Sometimes 8/10 in things that run small)
She is a 'good' 2 in shoes.
Evan? He is a size 5 in everything ... pants and shirts... and jackets.
He is a size 12.5 in shoes.

This year will be Olivia's last year to fit in Japanese Little Girl sizes. She is a 130 (I think) in a few things... and so of course i have been buying some cute things. She will move up to bigger girls [not soooo cute] sizes here Real soon! :(
She already graduated out of Little Girl shoes ... so we are not able to buy those CUTE As HECK Pink Glittery Shoes ... Oh Well! She wants Croc's and Boots anyways! haha
OK! I have Rambled long enough!


Tiffany said...

First off, make sure you type in Yokota when you get your train route. It's just like Yokosuka. Just Yokota means near a rice patty. Good to know. LOL
Sunday we are heading to a flea market about 15 min away. Still considering coming then? Give me a call and see where we are!
Easy train route:::
Get on the Yokohama line for Hachioji. Change to the Hachiko line and get off 4 stops later at Higashi Fussa station. Should cost 950. From there, on top of the station, you can see the base (same color buildings as Yokosuka) and start walking east. Once you find route 16 (the big busy road) you'll see the fence of the base. Turn right and walk down 16 (you'll be going south) and enter in the Fussa gate. That's the main gate near the shopping and food. No chili's yet...
Call me if you get lost =)