Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shopping in Zushi Ginza

The other day after we went to the mochi festival, on our way home we stopped at a few local stores and picked up some goodies.
I added a few picture's here. :)
The 1st is a wine cooler type drink. It's caller 2 dogs, and wow its good! Each can is a different Fruit Flavor and its odd... but it tastes A Lot like the fruit.
Ethan and I both enjoyed trying a few of the flavors. I think Grape and Lemon [or grapefruit] is one flavor... what a taste!

I have always been in love with the bakeries here in Japan.
When we were out, i picked up a Loaf of Bread [fresh and mmmmmmmm] and a few semi sweet donut twists[for b-fast the next day].
[The sliced bread was from another shopping trip.]
On base we have the option of buying Loaf Bread but it's shipped in and Frozen. So, it does not have the same Softness and Texture as Real Bread. So, these little bread shops are just wonderful and Delicious!
I have also come to learn about making homemade Tortilla's and MMMmmmmm. Tortilla's are a GREAT bread substitute. We are loving the Warm Fresh Tortilla's around here!

We also bought a few new things to try [dessert]. Each one of these pack's were 118Y [that's about 1.20$]. The Strawberry one is similar to a lite waffle with strawberry whipped topping inside.. mmmmmm and we have not tried the chocolate one. I am thinking Eclair like. But, something i have learned from japan... is just because it looks like that... it could be something TOTALLY different [like filled with bean jam...]...:)

Here is a picture of the Veggies we bought at the Open Air Market here in Zushi Japan.
Mmmm Delicious.
The head of cauliflower & carrots are just huge!


Anonymous said...

please take some pictures an let me see what you see the food looks great we love an miss you hook up the video so we can see you lol grandpaw sam t,