Friday, December 19, 2008

Date Night [December)

About the 1st week of our Christmas Break, Ethan went on a Date Night. I don't think i wrote about it... so i will now.

It was a REALLY nice nite. We took the train, walked around different train stops... and just had a BLAST (alone!)
We walked for a long while before choosing. We finally decided on this place. they had a booth available...!!
This is the place we picked... it was a Yakitori place (everything in a stick... w/ lots of beer/drink choices).
This place is all about it's Chicken!

We peek'd in before going for it. It looked SO good!

This place had a English Menu ... like most places here in the 'Greater Tokyo area' do.

The price is for one stick. The 2nd price is with tax included. So if it was 63 yen for one stick... that's About 63 cents depending on the yen rate.

This Japanese Green Pepper ...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

This plate includes Green Pepper, Mushrooms and Bacon Wrapped Asparagus!

We both LOVED the Chicken and Onion!

We ordered some 'Garlic'. We thought it would be something different... but it was a head of garlic roasted and served with Miso paste. Mmmmmmm it was so hot and so unexpectedly good!

Ok, one of the reason's we picked this place is because from the window we could see a stack of 'fried flat things' ... and it just looked SOooooooooooooooooo good!
So, at the end of our meal we asked what they were. The lady told us "chicken crackers". We ordered a plate. it came w/ 3... and they were quite big.
They also were not cheap!
Anyways, they were Heavily salt & peppered ... and they were not Crackers... It was "chicken rind's" like.... pork rinds.... but chicken.
So, Chicken Skin... right?
It was CRUNCHY.... and good... but more than one was an overload!

The bill (for anyone interested) was 6,000Y (give or take a few Yen's). That's about 60$.
That included All the 'sticks' we wanted and 3 'drinks' (beer).
Next time we will order what we Loved... We tried a Bunch of 'sticks' ... so our bill was probably higher than normal.

We are trying to do a Date Night Every Month.
The next one is coming up soon as our Anniversary is this weekend.


Dollars to Yen said...

How do you think they made that garlic miso dish? I would like to try to make it at home. It sounds yummy!

Alisa said...

It is so funny you commented on this place... as last night we went there Again as out Date night!
We took some friends, and... we were all wondering the SAME Question. So, we asked "what is this... how is it made??"
They kindly told us... It's Miso Based... but the rest of the 'thing' in the paste//dip, "Is a Secret Receipe"!!!!
No Joke! ugh!

If you want to try it out... it's off the Kanakawa-bunko station. You just Exit out the right Exit (NOT the "Mr Donut side") of the station... Go under the Station Tunnel... and turn right down your 2nd street option. It's RIGHT THERE.
(this is if you are coming from IKEGO).

If you figure it out... let me know! ;)