Monday, December 8, 2008

LIVIN [Yokosuka, Japan]

On Saturday after Breakfast w/ Santa we decided [because we were already dressed & ready] to head out to 'LIVIN'.
LIVIN is a Japanese version on Wal-Mart. It has Wal-Mart brands [like George for clothing].
It was just so enjoyable to stroll through the BIG Store. They have a TON of 'stuff'. I don't know why any American could complain about not having a Super Center here in Yokosuka.
Although the prices are NOT walmart. haha

LIVIN is just past the main gate on 'new' 16 [water way drive]... only about 3~5 minutes driving. In the Spring... when it's not raining... it MIGHT be a nice 45 minute walk from the main gate. It only took us about 35 minutes to drive, and parking was Free! And would you know i FORGOT my camera in the Car! Yup... i remembered to bring it... forgot the thing in the car. I took pictures of what we bought. Not much. We will return to LIVIN! :)

Inside LIVIN is a nice size Hellp Kitty Store. They had EVERYTHING a girl could want, and even somethings for Boys. I was in love with the Shinkansen Items! [for Evan].

There is a Small Air Chamber with Papers floating inside, near the front of the store.
You pay 500Y [5 dollars] and have a chance of pulling a ticket w/ a BIG prize written inside.
[The prizes are NOT typically 'toys']

Olivia pulled for a chance at a Hello Kitty prize. She was excited to win a Kitty Dish! It's the perfect size [little] for a Snack, and very worth 500 yen!
It's glass and she always wants to eat off of it! haha
[These will be 2 of many prizes! lol I just LOVED these 'games' while living in Sasebo. I still use a large size salad bowl i 'won' from the Kitty Air Ticket Game.]

Evan pulled for a chance at the Snoopy prize. He did not win big,... but he did like what he won!
A Snoopy towel!! It's Plush!! Not the thin type from 100 Yshop... It's double the size shown here, and the same design on both sides.

I let each of the kids pick a bedroom water cup. The heat in this house [when on] is So Dry. I mean, heat is dry in general... but i feel like we are turning into jerky at times! haha

We also bought a bathroom brush [and i feel odd blogging about this... but... you gotta know...]. I have had a HARD time finding a bathroom brush w/ holder on Base. It's the oddest things you don't realize you'll need and cant get ... unless you venture outside those gates!

We also picked up this tape that is used to help things [my couch] from sliding on these floors. Oh and we also picked up a Shower Handle adjuster. Here on base [and off too] we have Japanese Style Shower heads... they are the kind w/ a hose attached. [they have them in America too...].

Anyways, we wanted to get a holder so we could make the kids shower Lower... like perfect for their size. CUTE!


Gina said...

I like the kids cups and the Hello Kitty plate! : )