Sunday, December 14, 2008

Food Shopping in Zushi Ginza ...

A few days ago i went with a friend to Zushi via the train from Ikego. It's just one stop down at ShinZushi station.
We had a nice time looking around, buying some goodies and of course having coffee.
We will start with Starbucks! :)
I had a Dark Cherry Mocha and it was Delish... with a Holiday Sandwich... which was not. haha.
It was not bad... but it was not something i loved.
I wish i would have bought the Snow Strawberry pictured here, Next Time!

That was a GREAT cup of Coffee!!!!!!! Do you see the little packet to the right? That's a 'wash your hands' packet. Ah! I love Japan!

Here is a basic Dessert Area.
At almost all Food Stores here[in Japan] you will find a NICE Selection of desserts! I don't usually buy these, as they are $$!!!
I will on a Special Occasion though!
I picked these cute little packs of 'chocolate balls' for the kids... im helping Santa...
He should be placing them in the kids stockings on Christmas Eve! :)
At 160Yen [1.60$] a pack... they were just 2 cute to pass up! Click the picture to see the details! :) It's a SMALL bag, but oh so cute!
OH, and i found a hole in the wall 'toy store' on our walk and i helped Santa out[again] with a bit of shopping for Evan.
Don't you just love that at any store[in Japan] they offer FREE gift wrapping?? I do!!! :)
Most of all i love Watching them Fold the paper! They NEVER cut a Thing! It's all folding and a few pieces of Tape! Awesome!

While walking we strolled by a meat counter and this piece caught my eye... look how beautifully marbled! I mean WOW! :) And no... i did not buy this VERY small/thin piece of meat for 12 American dollars! :) It ... alone might feed my hubby! lol
I happened to stumble upon this wonderful Van. They sold Melon Pan Bread... and WOW! Its just so taste-y!
One of my favorite Japanese items is this Mochi Ice cream the box with RED all over... for 250 yen, or 2.50$. It's Mochi (pounded sticky rice) with a ball of vanilla ice cream inside. I remember these from Okinawa Japan when i was soooo young! I enjoyed them while living in Sasebo and here now in Yokosuka! I just wish i could find them stateside so my family and friends back home could try and enjoy! :)
Kitty... this picture is for you... i don't know why i thought of you when i saw these... Oh... Meemaw too...
But,... wouldn't you guys love to Drink "pure beauty"??? I wonder...............
Here's another bakery that had beautiful Holiday Themed Breads and Desserts. SO PRETTY!
No... i did not buy from there. This was a Window shopping trip mostly.
Interesting............................... and i HAVE eat'n this at a Japanese Street Fair. They charcoal grill them... you pick the 'little guy' out with a tooth pick and Chow Down... LOL Textural experience!
This is the open air market where i like to buy my veggies. They people are very nice, and they have really good prices! Remember ... if you want to see a bigger view of the selection/prices... click the pictures.
This is a corner stand sushi place. I will say they had some of the most delish sushi i have had! AND... they were Re-filling Every 3~5 minutes... the Entire stock! Talk about Fresh! They pretty much always have a line.......... AND they are cutting/making it RIGHT THERE! Awesome!
This is us leaving the Ginza [shopping district]. It's a Small Double sided shopping street... it goes quite a ways down. That day i took a lot of photo's of the food... but next time i will focus on the Decor and Things to BUY! :)


Tiffany said...

Great photos! Zushi is where we got TOTALLY turned around while trying to get to the Izu penn.
Ended up finding Ikego, but you weren't there yet! LOL
Looks like a great trip!