Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mochi Festival

Today we are invited to a Joint CPO {American & Japanese} Mochi Pounding Festival.
It was a Nice Day, no rain... and not to cold [in the sun].
I did again, sigh... forget my camera... but DON'T WORRY... There was not much to take pictures of! I'm not joking, ... there were VERY long lines and 4 small areas they pounded the Mochi.
There was a "Santa" and he was OK... but he did not have enough candy for all the kids [it was candy bags...] and so Olivia did not get one.
I had to Fight through MAJOR MAJOR HEARD of PEOPLE to get that ONE!
There was LOTs of Free Food... and Drinks.
But, i was really hoping for a neat Mochi performance.
They did let the kids pound the rice... and it was neat. We stayed for about a hour.
We did not even really eat. We waited in a line for OVER 30~45 minutes for some Yakitori. Oh, and Olivia and Ethan stood in a 20 minute line for some Yakisoba. After we watched them make the Mochi... saw Santa... tried some jpn food and of course ate Mochi... we left.
In Sasebo at Ethan's old command CFAS they do a Mochi Festival every yr, and ... it's SMALL and so Enjoyable!
This event had a FEW hundred people attend.

The good part of today... We took the JR line home. {same train we took when you were here, Kookoo...}
We took the JR from Yokosuka to Zushi. While walking the one block over to the Keiku Line... we stopped in a few stores. We also bumped into our friends Tim & Kathleen. We ended up buying some Veggies at a fresh food stall and some Fresh meat from a special Meat Store... mmmm and ... some other odds and ends. [some jpn beer for Ethan].
I just cant believe how many veggies i bought for 600 yen!!
Carrots again, a huge head of cauliflower and a bag of potatoes! I don't know about stateside... but here ... It's a Deal!
Also the veggies on base suck big time, so... this is double the reward!

I'll add pictures later of the goodies we got @ the store's. :) enjoy!