Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas in Japan

Christmas Day was a BLAST! Evan and Olivia are at PERFECT AGES! :)
Evan was pretty 'sick' for the Whole Day! :(
But, we still had fun anyways.
I am Thankful for SUCH Wonderful Children... and a Awesome Hubbster. :)
God is Good!
(I will write more... but we are all 'sick' now, including me)
Oh, in the last few pic's... there is one of Mel!
And old friend from Sasebo... it was WONDERFUL having him over for Christmas & the day after!

For this entry i decided to make a SlideShow of the Photo's.
Christmas day had a LOT of Photo's... i selected a Few Cute and Funny ones.
Please enjoy by looking here on the blog, or by clicking the Slide link, and Enjoying them Photo by Photo.
:) If you get this blog via E-mail please visit: http://www.slide.com/r/JLIvBsEuxz9SutvPI2qYKzQnB_aukbVT?previous_view=mscd_embedded_url&view=original
by clicking the LINK PROVIDED... and View! :)
ENJOY and plz let me know if this SLIDE SHOW or LINK was not Easy and FUN! :)
I need my Family/Friends FEEDBACK! :) (Via E-mail or comments!)