Monday, December 8, 2008

Breakfast w/ Santa

On Saturday morning about 7 am we got up... Yes, 7 am on a weekend. Why you might ask?? For the Children!
We went and had breakfast with the big guy.
It was a Reservation only deal... and it was a breakfast buffet. I have to say... Wow... i just loved the french toast! It was just like Harbor View's french toast [in sasebo japan] and i just love it! haha

Ok, enough about the Food!

Anyways, i forgot my Camera! UGH! I did. But, hey... we were 'moving in' the day before, and got up at the @ss Crack... i just forgot. haha

The Santa was Great. I will write a comment about to the Club. Super Good Santa, and the kids had a great time!
We will go again next yr!


Gina said...

Breakfast with santa sound very cool!