Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Christmas Party & A Christmas Concert

So, on Monday we were invited to a Christmas Party. Our good friends here in Japan named Tim & Kathleen had their annual work party. It was geared a bit twards kids, and they really thought the children would have fun. So, we skipped school [with permission of course] and headed out on a nice little adventure.

We took the train from Jimmuji to Anjinzuka station it took us one connection and about 20 minutes. Ethan came from Shiori Station [no connections and about 5 minutes] and we all met up. [He went to work that day.]

We got off there and took a nice walk through this quaint little cho [neighborhood]. it was about a 15 minute walk to the dock. Yup... we took a Boat to Tim's work! What a surprise for the children!

Evan having a relaxing boat ride.

Ethan, Olivia & Evan ... riding in front.

There is Mr. Tim as Santa Clause! [hahahaha]

There is Olivia going up for her gift.

There is Olivia being crazy funny! Oh, there is so many things that you can do with your Glasses!

Evan eating all the candy at the table. Boy! There was gooood Japanese/American candy snacks.

And here we fast forward to Today.

Olivia's school took a entire school field trip today. They all loaded up and took a trip to the Yokosuka Base for Caroling for the Ships. Olivia's class was selected to sing on board the USS Stethem. They did a bit of singing [about 10 songs] and they sounded GREAT! I was so proud!

When they were done singing on the back of the ship we sent inside and had hot cocoa and donuts/cookies.

I left the class after the ship event [mostly because i was feeling more and more sick]... but the kids headed to the base theatre to interact and listen to the Navy Band!

They played "jingle bell rock" and she loved it!

Olivia was VERY impressed with the Trombone. She wants to be a Trombone player when she grows up ... for now. Evan says "I wanna be a trombone when i grow up toooo" [It might be hard to BE and Instrument. hahaha

Olivia and part of her class singing

More Singing...

Evan and Daddy watching.

From the back of the Stethem we could clearly see the USS GW. It's hard to see the new [to Yokosuka] ship from a place on base... but we had a clear view on the back of the ship. WOW! It's big.