Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mid-Week update

Not much going on here. I just finished round 2 of Christmas shopping.
I 'think' i am done. haha

We are slowly continuing to up pack. We have 4 boxes in our room, one in Olivia's... and 2 boxes in the Den. oh yea... and a few things in the Under stair closet.
That's It! I mean... i think that's good thinking we got our stuff on Friday evening! :)

We have the tree up and Not decorated yet... not even 'fluffed' yet... just out of the box.
So, this weekend we will work on finishing those boxes, and 'doing' the Tree.

This is a view of our tree from the front door. We have Stairs to the left... the Kitchen door to the immediate right and the closet and the bathroom to the very far left/right [to give you an idea].
Olivia & Evan decided to add a few things to the tree... but, we will truly decorate it this weekend. :) Enjoy!

How are You All Doing [family & friends...] reply back to me [those who get this in e-mail] and give Me an update! PLZ ;) Also fellow bloggers... leave me a comment and let me know how your doing... :)


Gina said...

Your tree looks great! You have been busy! : )

Navy Chief Family said...

you sure do unpack fast. i would give anything to go shopping up there. LOL You know sasebo stinks big time. Come rescue me!