Friday, December 19, 2008

Cherished Family Decoration's

So last weekend we did our tree decorating.
We had a great time. Evan Especially had a blast. He [daily] wants to un-decorate the tree and re-decorate it! haha!

Here is our Tree this year.
We did not break out the 'real ornaments' last year, because Ethan was away.
We had a good time looking through all the old and new ones this year....

Here is Olivia with a Very Old Ornament! It was given to Me ... from my Mother YEARS ago.
I love this ornament... and the string is SO close to breaking :( .
Anyways... i thought my Mom would enjoy seeing these pictures of the kids and old family decorations.

Evan, with another old family ornament.

This Angel was made by my Meemaw years ago. She always sat on a shelf... but this year she was given the top of the tree. :) I love her, and every time i look at the tree i think of Meemaw! :) Family is what the holidays are all about!

This is my Family of Reindeer! They were given to me last year from my Mom. She had them for MANY Years... and Actually there is another member... but i don't have another child. :) We will save "her" in case we have another one[baby] one year!
I do love these ... and looking at them reminds me of my years at home.
I cherish my Christmas Items... they bring so many good memories!