Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Night...

..... We helped Daddy get ready for his Camping trip.
He got home from work about 515 and was out the door again by 6.
Wow! Quick packing! LOL
Good think I am 'good' and already had everything laid out for him. ;)
We went w/ Tammy & her girls to Club T for dinner.
Evan was good :):):) and i had a REALLY nice dinner.
Olivia and her friends sat together in another table.
We came home and Olivia & Evan played Wii. ;)

Going to Club "T" on-base.
Olivia and Erin & their 'girls table' (Alisha (9) also sat w/ them).
Olivia & Evan playing Wii before bed tonight, Cook'n Mama Cook-off.