Thursday, April 16, 2009

Seaside Paradise Aquarium~Yokohama Japan

Ethan went with Olivia's Class on a Field Trip to Seaside Paradise the last week in March.
He was "In charge" of a few kids, so ... he did not get many photos.
Also, he was not allowed to use flash, so ... again, not many pictures turned out.

Here is what he got.
Also, it was about 27$ for adults and 10$ for Olivia... and that includes... not much.
Ethan said there was Extra stuff everywhere, ... things you need $$ for.
So, if you plan on a trip... plan on Extra Yen, and he says it wont be a Cheap Trip.

Olivia thinking about... putting her feet in the "Fish eat your dead skin tank"...
Ethan Sooooooo did it!
Olivia? Nope! One small toe... then... done!
Ethan's feet felt so soft when he came home that day!

They saw a big show... with many Animals... Ethan got some video... and i want to go JUST for the show! ;)
All in All? A Good time!