Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get Ready for ....

.... a massive overload of entries!

I still need to finish Tokyo w/ the family: Asakusa Temple/ Shopping.
Hopefully... i can share all the fun things we have been doing over the last week.
It's been kind of busy... but fun.
* Lunch @ Wendys in Yokosuka ------------i know my famiy & friends will be most interested
* Dinner @ Dennys in Yokosuka------------ same as above...
* Easter Egg hunting w/ Evan's Class
* A day out with Olivia & Kath in Zushi w/ lunch
* Sakura Viewing in Kamakura -- at night
* Sakura Viewing @ Shomyo ji Temple in Yokohama
* Sakura Viewing in Kamakura -- daytime

Others that i want to share
* Olivia's Field Trip to Hakkei-jima Sea Paradise
* Easter cupcakes & cookies! :) Fun!

So, ....... that's the plan.
AND, most important... i hope you enjoy!