Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just a Random Update of sorts.

So, today is Tuesday and a Rainy one at that.
I am a-ok with rain, as i love it.
Today was a nice day. I had a doc appt (and next week i have another one, as i am getting a 'spot' frozen off of my left arm), went NEX shopping and had lunch w/ my hubby (and Evan too).
While on base i picked up a new pair of shoes for Olivia, Evan and Myself!



Lets see, this week has been a bit low key.
Not a lot to report honestly.

I added new photo's to my existing frames--->

Oh, and i cleaned and organized Olivia's room--->

You know, Ethans job is nothing i want to talk about, as it's a sore subject.
He is not happy with his job, and thats no secret.
We have talked about him asking to terminate shore duty, and see if he could go to sea duty here. Honestly though... i dont think it will happen.
We have been REALLY Enjoying him at home, especially the kids (me too!)
I think he just needs to find his groove, and 'place' KWIM??
All in all this picture proves how much the kids & Ethan are really enjoying their time together. :)
Daddy carrying the kids up for bed-->

I will end this update w/ a few cute smiles. :)


Navy Chief Family said...

don't do sea duty over here, you might regret it...although I hear your area is vastly different in schedules compared to here. We are done in Feb and are trying to get stateside as this place has done us in. Good luck and I hope he finds his groove. what is his rate?