Friday, April 10, 2009

Fukumon Chinese - Zushi Japan

This is for all the IKEGO residence!
There is a Restaurant right outside the gate, with a red lantern.
Well, ... if i have been here 6 months and NOT tried it... i know a bunch of you have not too.
And Why?
Because there is no parking, and you don't know what to expect.
So, here it is...
"What to expect"..........

It's Small!
It has 2 Tatami 4 person tables, 2 Western style 6 person tables & a few 'bar' seats.
They are Friendly people... and the food is good.
There is an English Menu... w/ a Few photo's.
Portions are HUGE! Come Hungry or Share!

My Ramen was 900 Y, Kath's was 1200Y and the Gyoza, that was HUGE was 700Y.
It was A LOT of food... period!

Here is a photo tour...
Oh, and you can do takeout for Ramen, but you have to bring your own dish.
Other take-home is packed for you with their disposable containers.

As you can see, the red lantern is down, because we left @ 9... when they closed.

This is what you see when you walk in. The Bar seating area.

That is where we sat, Kath and I. With front row seats to our meal being cooked.

Kath's soup... Pork Ramen.

My Meal, Miso Ramen.
It was good, but Salty!! Need Water!

We tried to share a Gyoza.
But, we were so stuffed from the huge soup/ramen.

They also have Tatami, Japanese Traditional Seating.

Why not try Fukumon ... It's not fancy, but its very close to home, and filling!