Thursday, April 30, 2009

Date Night [April]

So, this months date night was spent w/ out Ej!
He was Camping (in the rain) and i took myself up to Yokohama for a Relaxing dinner.
Tammy & I went to El Toritos Again! Click Here--->Check out This Blog (twards the bottom) for the views of El Torito's on a PRETTY day... and more pics of the restaurant, and food! :) <---Click There.
And, it was DELISH, and just what i needed.
2 Margarita's! LOL
We had reservations (made earlier that day) for 7 pm.
We got there JUST in time, and skipped about 10~15 people in the hall waiting for a table, NICE!
We arrived about 645 and did a bit of walking to the Sky Tower in the underground shopping area[btw, is pretty darn big!]. We have been there before, WHY did we get all turned around and lost? We dont know! haha!

Finally, we found our way!

Whats the 1st thing i ordered?

Hey, when you find whats good, stick with it!! [in some cases]
This is a Combo Platter, for 1450Y (14.50$) and It's so gooooood!

A Mango Margarita came with my meal, at no extra chage!!

As you can see, from the Rain and such, there was NO view on the 28th floor.

After dinner we went for some shopping and then Coffee & Dessert!
We picked this Quaint little Italian place, that looked like a Outdoor Cafe', only it was inside!

We both got the same... it was about 1700Y or 17$ for our shared bill.
Not bad!
It was a Wonderful cup of coffee and that dessert was over the top... so much i could only eat 1/2! We SHOULD have shared! (in this photo, i have not even had one bite!)

After our NICE Evening... we headed home on a PACKED Train.