Monday, April 6, 2009

My 1st Obento

Tonight I made my 1st Obento. We are going on a small trip tomorrow, and needed a bag lunch, so i thought i would use my Obento Set.
(The set i bought @ a Flea Market here in Japan for 2$!!!)
Anyways, i gave it my best effort...


Top Tier: Meet Ball's and Gyoza, Strawberry's & Kiwi! (Seperated by a Plastic divider)
I included tooth picks for easy eating... (I have forks too!)
2nd Tier: Edamame, Carrotts, Egg (Japanese Stlye) & Homemade Onigiri.
(i have included 'do it yourself' Nori in fun shapes, MIFFY!)
I made the kids Onigiri in the shapes of a Heart and a Star, if you can make it out ... through the pastic wrap (to keep it moist).
3rd Tier: 4 Wraps w/ meat and veg, Various sandwiches... (the kids love these..)
and 4 gel's... Orange Juice Variety.
(I have a few more... for our friends.)

Anyone can make a bento... if you try! ;)
It was fun shopping/making and putting together my very own Japanese Picnic!
Next time i will make more 'homemade' but i am proud of what i did make, and how i arranged it. Adding Color and Variety is the key to a good Bento Meal.
I have read about making a "Japanese OBento"... and no where does it say you Cant use a "Sandwich" ... it just says to make it appealing to the eye, healthy and give a good variety.
And, especially for kids... make it so they will WANT to eat thier meal.
Traditionaly it should be 3 parts starch (rice/bread) 2 parts Protien of any kind and 1 part "other". I tried to stick to that, but... nothing is perfect!
I hope this encourages you to try your own! ;)
I love Japanese food Stores... and have for a long time (From before Sasebo yrs!).... and if you just take your time, and open your eye's... you can find a lot of fun bento foods... ideas... helpers!
I hope your try your own Obento!


Slime said...

Kawaiiii! And it looks oishiiii! Great job!