Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yokohama Children's Land

Olivia and I went on a School Field Trip yesterday to Children's Land.
It was fun, and a perfect day at the park!

The name of the park is Kodomo-no Kuni (Children's Land).
The link to the park is found --->HERE<--- and --->HERE<--- and ---> HERE<---
One this is for sure, I cant wait to take Ethan and Evan to this wonderful Family Park in Yokohama!!

This is at the Entrance to the Park. The Entire walkway had Chalk Drawings/Names... Plenty of Chalk everywhere... COLOR... have FUN! What a Great way to say... this place is For Kids and Kids at heart!

Look at all the Flying Fish or Koinobori (鯉幟 Koi-nobori?).
These Flying Carp are strung up around Childrens Day all over Japan.
If you want the learn about this holiday, or the the Flying Carp, click --->HERE<--- and

These "Roller Slides" are SO FUN. It was Olivia's Fav part of the day.

This park REALLY Reminded me of Okinawa! the park areas actually.
This concrete slide in particular.
They had many of these in Oki, and it brings back many memories!
The FLEW down this slide, for sure!


Kelley, Remember these from Oki!?!?

There was an area of this park that look Enchanted. Olivia LOVES Harry Potter and Narnia Moves, me too... and these trees sure made us feel like we were in the movie!

For 100Y the kids could take a Roller Coaster ride, they thought.
Little did they know it was part Roller Coaster part BIKE!

How, this was called a HeliBike. So, we knew it was bike. But ALL bike!!! PETAL!!!!

These big 'stuffed animals' were actually coin operated...200Y per side.

There was so much to offer at this park.
Many things we did not get to, but one area we did not pass up was the Farm Area... with Cows and other animals.

Ok, i should not have said that O's fav part of the day was the slide. It was FUN... but her 100% fav part was the Bunny & Guinea Pig Area.
OMG, she is BEGGING for a Bunny Rabbit.
It does NOT help her Daddy had one as a Indoor Pet as a child, and now wants one too! UGH! LOL
Anyways, she was not afraid, or anything. She could have spent the ENTIRE day in this area!
She is in LOVE!

This Sign CRACKED me UP!

This is the Petting Area.
This Area of the Zoo (including other petting areas) cost 170Y per child, 200Y per adult.

Mrs. Julie and myself had 5 girls between us (the class was split up among the parents who came). We treated, on us... ICECREAM for everyone, includng us! MMMMmmmm
What a GREAT Treat for the kids.

I just loved loved the Tall Tree's here. It reminded me of Meiji Shrine in Tokyo a little.

End of the day Class photo. They were all worn out for sure!

CUTE pic, but... whats up with the hand? LOL
Ask Olivia!!

We got out of dodge JUST in time, see the 'front' moving in?

I hope u enjoyed looking through our Field Trip Day! :)


Dollars to Yen said...

Very cool! We'll have to check it out. Thanks for the photos!

Dollars to Yen said...

You said that there were some parts of the park you did not get to. What part of the park would you recommend starting at?

Dollars to Yen said...

You said that there were some parts of the park you did not get to. What part of the park would you recommend starting at?

Alisa said...

Thanks for your comment!
Um, when you walk into the park, you can walk only Left or Right.
Most of what you saw on my blog, was to the right.
Petting zoo area, Horse back riding, Farm Area, Roller Bike/Helibike...
If you take a left and walk a short period, you'll see the park i have pictures of.
We did not have a lot of time, as it was a School Trip, but... if i had all day i would Start right, and work my way around.
There was much more to see/do, like a small lake and paddle boats and such.
If you go during the week, non holiday, it should be so relaxing. But, i have seen pic's of it during a holiday/Weekend and WOW! Much 2 crowded! ;)

cricketspaw said...

Wow! Awesome pics, so cute with girl holding critters!! We should go there before we leave Japan :)

Alisa said...

Yes, it was SO FUN and i cant wait to visit again.
If you visit any of the links, you should be able to get super easy train directions.
The Train Station is RIGHT at the front door to this place!
EASY as Pie!
I think it would be a Must Do before leaving. :)
But i have a 4 & 7 yr old. :) haha!

Linduh said...

How wonderful to see that Kodomo no Kuni is still around! I had the opportunity to go here twice on a school trip, when I attended Richard E Byrd Elementary in the early '80s. Aside from our 5th grade Hakone overnight and 5th grade overnight field trip to Fujikyu Highland, Kodomo no Kuni was tops! I'm 40 yrs old and STILL cherish the memories. I only wish there was a similar park here in the States. :-)