Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monkey Island / Sarushima Island on Spring Break

So, during Spring break we did quite a bit ... one of the places we visited was Sarushima Island.
Monkey Island is the name most American's use.
Although it's Called Monkey Island, there are No Monkeys.
Monkey Island is located in the Middle of Tokyo Bay, and is the ONLY Natural Island in the Bay.
Although the Island is ideal for a Beach Party... the island also has Monuments/Ruines & old Fortresses. Be Cautious... Stay away from off limit & danger zones!

We took the Ferry over, and took a Picnic lunch.
We spent a few hours.
I did not take the kids on the trail/hike.... but i heard to was Very Pretty.
When Ethan comes with us, next time... we will do the hike/trail.
Non the less, we had a nice visit, and i got some very pretty Photo's & Shells

We went on this Field trip with a few friends:
Tammy and her Daughters Aleisha (9) & Erin (8)
Paula and her Daughters Olivia (7) & Lacy (10 mos)
Thanks Ladies for your company!

Olivia, Erin and Olivia

The kids enjoyed playing @ a small park before boarding the ferry.

Before we boarded the ferry... i had to get a picture of the kids with the Yokosuka Cherry Blossom's. Do you see them across the water?
Thats the Naval Base!

All Aboard!

Evan, all you need to do is stick your tounge out!

We're Here!

I thought, ...Wow! What a Nice Dock!
This place is n-i-c-e!

THEN.... they pulled up to this 'dock'.
I hope we make it to the shore... it's RUSTED Through! LOL!!

YES we made it, and it was 100% safe... well 99% safe. :):)
The kids had a NICE time picking shells on the beach.

I love this photo.
This little island makes me think about all the beautiful little islands in Sasebo's 99 Islands.

I normally dont add photo's of myself.
I thought ... why not... these turned out ok.

Evan and Mommy on Monkey Island.

Mommy & Olivia

When i saw this sign i thought... wow... Where would we go?

On this island there are 2 'swimming' areas. I enjoyed the Left side the most... Beautiful.
Although i would not swim in the Bay.

Pretty Shell Photo.

Before we left, Evan found a washed up Bamboo stick... and the both found a bunch of shells.
We had a Nice Relaxing time on Monkey Island.

Fun times with Friends!

See you soon Sarushima! (everytime we visit the Base....).

I hope you enjoyed this picture story...
If you want more info & pictures check the next post. :)


hannfamily said...

Thanks so much for adding pictures of yourself, I LOVE them!!

Hannah said...

Wow! Japan must be amazing! Those pictures are beautiful! You know, those cherry blossoms remind me of Washington DC. Well, of course the Japanese gave them to the US. You have beautiful kids! That trip must have been fun! I like your blog!


Alisa said...

Hi Jasmine!
Thanks for commenting!
I am glad you liked...
I love seeing you on your blog too.

Alisa said...

Hey Hannah!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
Japan is pretty amazing, honestly.
I love living here!